Spray Painting

We specialise in HVLP spraying which results in significantly less overspray than traditional compressor driven spraying systems. We can provide a high quality finish to internal skirting, architive, doors and stair cases.

For large scale projects we use Titan and Greco piston-run airless spraying systems which offer great time efficiencies to ensure projects are completed on time.


Mahagony Staircase Re-Spray

We recently gave this mahogany staircase and panelling a complete overhaul resulting in a more contemporary style, while preserving and honouring that timeless mahogany class. 

Neil using the airless spraying system on the staircase and panelling

Spray Painting Wood Panelling

We use our specialist HPLV spraying system on wood panelling to give a nice even finish and prevent any overspray on fittings and doorways.

Below are some examples of wood panelling we have sprayed recently:

Spray Painting Doors

Below is a selection of doors that we sprayed for a client at our custom built spraying facility: